Blausee tour

Duration: 2 hrs.
Distance: 5.7 km
Difficulty: moderate (trekking shoes, companion and walking sticks recommended)

Kandersteg - Blausee Tour

On the left bank of the river Kander this hiking route descends 300 m to Blausee - another jewel in Kandertal. The deep blue lake was created by a rockfall over 10,000 years ago. Alongside the hiking route you can admire the secluded and idyllic mountain huts as well as the unspoiled snow-covered landscape. Tip: We recommend good trekking shoes and walking sticks for this hike. At Blausee after enjoying light refreshments you can easily return by bus to Kandersteg. Please note that the route is only accessible in good weather. A sign is displayed in case the hiking route is closed.

Tips for winter hikers

  • Wear good waterproof trekking shoes and use walking sticks that make it much easier to hike through snow.
  • Temperature differences during the day can be significant. Warm clothing, sunglasses and suncream will also protect you from unpleasant surprises.
  • Winter can transform nature into an amazing artwork. Keep a camera at the ready to capture images of these winter impressions.
  • However, the charms of the mountain and winter landscape are also associated with several hazards. In no circumstances leave the marked hiking routes!
  • You should also avoid hiking on ski slopes and cross-country ski runs.
  • Please respect wildlife habitats. They already need a lot of energy to survive the harsh winter without any interference from humans.
  • If necessary, please keep your dog on a lead.