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Ice climbing

Due to danger of rock slides, Kandersteg had to establish a restricted area. Access to this area is strictly forbidden! You will find the detailed map and possible routes here.


... in one of the most important ice climbing Eldorados of the Alps!


The frozen waterfalls in Kandersteg make the hearts of ice-climbing enthusiasts beat faster! There is something for everyone, from beginners to professionals.


The Oeschiwald area has easier waterfalls, which are suitable for introductory courses, as well as some extremely difficult classic ice-climbing waterfalls. This sector is very popular and well known, so that on a busy day a careful choice of route must be made so that you do not put yourself or other climbers at risk.

The Allmenalp falls tour is considered to be a pleasurable trip provided that the temperature and conditions are favourable. In the Sunnbühl area there are some shorter falls which are suitable for instruction purposes and which are very popular. The long tours in the Gasterntal, at Giesenen and Oeschinen should only be tackled by experienced specialists.

Guided tours and courses

Venture out on to the ice under professional guidance! Courses run by the mountaineering school in Kandersteg Alpine Dream, or by the Alpinschule Adelboden Kandersteg, are held in the regions described and at the less well-known waterfalls in the region. Of course it is also possible to book an ice-climbing day or an event at a particular waterfall as a private tour with a mountain guide.

Ice conditions

The current ice conditions for Kandersteg will be announced by Sven Schärer from the Alpine Dream.