Belle Epoque Kandersteg

What is Belle Epoque Week Kandersteg?

“Things were better in the old days” - this slogan was the founding idea of Belle Epoque Week Kandersteg in 2010. During the last week in January, the tranquil mountain village steps back in time more than a century and enjoys a revival of the Belle Epoque with winter nostalgia.

Visitors and local people stroll through the snow-covered streets, of course, in period costume dating from the turn of the 19th century. Gentlemen walk in top hat and tails, while the ladies don long skirts and extravagant hats to stroll through the snow.

Occasionally you hear the tinkle of bells from a horse-drawn carriage as it glides past, on the natural ice rink you can see a curling match or a few ice skaters enjoy their leisurely circuits. The Co-op store celebrates consumerism with an advert displayed in the window: “Toilet paper now available in rolls”. In the cheese shop there is 's butter in one block, while the baker makes pretzels in a historic woodfired oven. The teacher wears historical costume to go to school and many of the pupils follow her example.

On the slippery ice at the Bahnhofmatte two ice-hockey teams compete on historic skates, and sometimes a team member loses not just the puck but one of the ice skates. At the afternoon tea afterwards the enthralled spectators warm up again.

The village scene reflects carefully created historic facades. Nostalgic bob sleigh races take place in historic sleds. Several telemark skiers risk using old wooden skis. The associations enjoy music and games before a formal dinner in the historic Belle Epoque buildings. The glorious finale for a week of holidays: a Belle Epoque Ball with live music just like in the days of yesteryear.

In short - in Kandersteg you step back in time. The Belle Epoque is loved and lived by everybody!