Gasterntal is a romantic Alpine valley that should not be missed! From the end of the main road walk along Gemmiweg for about 200 m, then turn left and continue the climb up to Kander Klus waterfalls. It is an easy hike into Gasterntal through the scenic mountains with magnificent views across the valley plateau to Kandersteg.

A recommended alternative hiking route is to turn off the paved road at the base station of Kandersteg-Sunnbüel cable car and head for the bridge that leads into Gasternsträsschen. 200 m further ahead take the walkway leading right across the river Kander in the direction of Gasterntal and the Hotel Waldhaus. Carrying on for a while longer into the valley, you reach the village of Selden (Hotel Selden and Hotel Steinbock).

1 hr. from Sunnbüel base station to Waldhaus
1 hr.30 mins. from Waldhaus to Selden