Hiking report

This information is being updated regularly and after every major natural event that might change conditions of the hiking infrastructures.

Last update: 9th September 2019

Please note the opening schedule of the areas below.

The hiking trail report updates you about the current state of the rhiking paths in our region. There are regular updates and revised information during the summer.

Here you will find current information about the following infrastructure: Hiking trails from Kandersteg, cable cars, mountain passes as well as the mountain and SAC huts in the Kandertal.

Please note: After heavy rains, hiking trails are often damaged. The authority tries to repair the trails as quickly as possible. If you find a damaged hiking trail, please let us know. Phone +41 33 675 80 80. All indications without guarantee.

Cable cars and buses

Oeschinensee gondola open
Sunnbüel cable car open
Allmenalp cable car open
Gasternbus, Kandersteg - Selden Private road open, travel permit CHF 12.00
Bus service Kander-Reisen. Phone reservations:
+41 (0)33 671 11 72

General condition

Hiking trails in bottom of valley open
Hiking and mountain trails up to 2,000 m open
Mountain trails over 2,000 m open

High and mountain trails


Gasterntal   open
Heuberg circular route (Oeschinensee - Heuberg - Oberbärgli) open
Restaurant Oberbärgli open
Allmenalp - Ueschinental - Kandersteg   open
Kandersteg - Gasterntal- Sunnbüel (Gurnigel) open
Kandersteg - Blausee lake


Lötschberg panorama trail (Kandersteg Kiental)


Lötschberg north ramp (Kandersteg - Mitholz - Frutigen) open
Lötschberger southern approach (Hohtenn - Ausserberg - Lalden - Brig) open

Pass crossings

Gemmipass   open
Hohtürli   open
Lötschenpass   open
Bunderchrinde   open
Golitschen (Kandersteg - Elsigenalp - Frutigen) open

SAC and mountain huts

Blümlisalphütte +41 (0)33 676 14 37 open until 5th October 2019
Doldenhornhütte +41 (0)33 675 16 60

open until 13th October 2019

Frundenhütte +41 (0)33 675 14 33 open until 5th October 2019
Balmhornhütte +41 (0)33 675 13 40 open until 6th October 2019
Lämmerenhütte +41 (0)27 470 25 15 open until 13th October 2019
Lötschenpasshütte +41 (0)27 939 19 81

open until mid November 2019

Schwarenbach +41 (0)33 675 12 72 open until 27th October 2019


Allmenalp via ferrata open
Kandersteg freeride trail

This route is closed from 1 - 30 September (hunting season)