International dog sled races

17th and 18th February 2018

A winter landscape covered in deep snow and crystal clear air - this is the world of the dog sled sports. Around 140 teams meet every year in Kandersteg for the international dog sled races.

Rangliste Erwachsene 2017
Rangliste Kinder 2017


Starting list Sunday 19th February 2017 (pdf)


  • Programme:
    This sport which has reached us from the far North has spread over recent years throughout the whole Alpine region. The racetrack in Kandersteg is characterised by its Nordic character and is therefore highly appreciated by the international field of participants.
  • Admission prices:
    1 day: CHF 10.00 | 2 days: CHF 12.00 | Children up to 16 years free
  • Start and finish area
    Near the valley station of the Allmenalp cable car. Access and footpaths are signposted from the railway station and the centre of the village.
  • Glossary of terms
    Musher: Dog sled leader
    Dog handler: Helper of the musher
    Trail: Racing track
  • Touching the dogs
    Sled dogs are friendly, non-aggressive animals. There are of course also shy dogs, however, which do not like being stroked by strangers. Before you touch a dog, please ask the owner if this is OK with him.
  • Questions and answers
    Every musher is happy to provide information. You will not be able to ask questions shortly before the start of a race, however, because the mushers will be concentrating on the race ahead.
  • Bringing your dogs
    Please ensure, however, that your dog is always on the leash. You should always keep a safe distance from the trail, at least 5 m, otherwise the dogs can become easily distracted.
  • Taking photographs
    Taking pictures with a flash can alarm the dogs. Do not step onto the trail directly in front of an approaching team of dogs! This could be dangerous.


Photo galleries

Schlittenhunderennen 2016 P.-F. Gauthey
Schlittenhunderennen 2016 Ian Lienhard
Schlittenhunderennen 2016 Raphael Schaller
Schlittenhunderennen 2016 Katharina Agner
Schlittenhunderennen 2016 V. Poteau-Wyss

Schlittenhunderennen 2015 V. Poteau-Wyss
Schlittenhunderennen 2015 K. Blocksdorff
Schlittenhunderennen 2015 F. Alsaker

Schlittenhunderennen WM 2014
Schlittenhunderennen WM 2014 P.-F. Gauthey





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