Arriving from the direction of Spittelmatte or Sunnbüel, turn off at Stierebärgli onto a narrow path towards Schwarzbach. As you cross the path enjoy the fabulous view of impressive mountain gorge. The route continues after the field path over several stone steps with safety ropes. Then the route carries on through light mountain woodland towards Restaurant Waldhaus in Gasternholz. From here, follow the hiking route to Kandersteg.

Sunnbüel mountain station - Gurnigel - Sunnbüel cable car base station : 1 3/4 hours

Best season
Summer to late autumn

Risk of slipping in wet conditions due to steep, grassy parts of the route
Only suitable for experienced walkers with good trekking shoes and safe step (safety ropes, short wooden ladder and steps)

Restaurant Sunnbüel
Hotel Waldhaus Gastern


Altitude chart Gurnigelweg

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