First-Elsigenalp 2,548 m

From Allmenalp (cable car mountain station) via Steintal on a steep but well maintained mountain hiking route to the summit. An interesting descent via Stand summit to Elsigenalp (cable car and bus to Frutigen-Kandersteg.)
At the summit the route continues along a rocky section, with guide ropes for safety, then along a narrow path with a very steep slope - only suitable for experienced hikers with good trekking shoes and safe step. Not recommended in bad weather or snow.

Allmenalp - Elsigenalp: 4 hours

Restaurant Allmenalp, Elsigenalp

Best season
- Summer & Autumn, particularly with good visibility
- not suitable in storms, snow and fog

Caution! Descent to Golitschen / Elsigen only if
there is no snow on the ridges

Altitude chart First
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