You reach Alpschelenhubel from Allmenalp cable car mountain station, and continue in the direction of Obere Allme where the mountain route winds to the left over a rocky section towards Bunderchrinde. On Alpschelengrat the mountain route continues to Alpschelenhubel where you have a magnificent panoramic view of the Blüemlisalp mountain range, Balmhorn, Altels and others. From Grat carry on towards Alp Alpschelen into Üschenetal and back to Kandersteg.

Round trip 4 hours

Restaurant Allmenalp, Alpschelen (drinks only), Restaurant Lohner Usser Üschene

Best season
Early summer to late autumn
Avoid the summits in snow

Risk of slipping in wet conditions due to steep, grassy parts of the route
Only suitable for experienced walkers with good trekking shoes and safe step

Altitude chart Alpschelen
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